Sunday, 23 November 2008

All new to me


Just setting up my blog, not sure what i'm doing at the moment!!!

Good job my daughter is computer literate as she is helping me........


  1. Hi Kirsten,welcome to Blogland!!!
    If you need anything just shout.I'm in Bradford,where are you? :o)x

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  3. HI Kirsten...Well done on setting up your blog...and re: your question about links......when you typing out your post and you type...e.g. Kath...the way to link it is highlight the word and then click on the Word Link or the little strange green thing and in the box type out the blogaddress of the person you want to in this case you would type out
    Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.
    We all had to start somewhere so if you need any help just e-mail me

  4. Hi Kirsten, welcome to Blogging. Good Luck with it, it will all soon become easier, honest. Thank you for entering and adding a link to my blog candy, Good Luck!!

    Look forward to seeing some of your work. Joanne x

  5. Hi! Welcome to blogland...thank you for visiting me and becoming a follower...I look forward to seeing your work.
    Emma x

  6. Hello!

    i am sorry, but i dont write english very well..

    I have look at all your cards, these are wonderful! I like it all!

    greetings from Finland!



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